Island Songwriters In The Round: Oct 29


J'achète mes billets

Cet événement fait partie de notre série Harbor Highlight; travail que nous avons trié sur le volet, dans lequel nous avons investi et que nous avons acheté de manière proactive à Summerside — et que nous savons que vous aimerez autant que nous!

Island songwriters In The Round hosted by Meaghan Blanchard

Une série de concerts intimes, où artiste et public partagent la scène du Théâtre Habourfront.


Show Info

Date: Dimanche 29 octobre, 14h

Toutes les places : 50 $ pour un concert de la série ; 45 $ pour deux concerts de la série
40 $ pour 3 concerts ou plus. Les taxes et les frais sont inclus dans tous les prix.

Meaghan Blanchard (host)
Lawrence Maxwell
Dennis Ellsworth

L’Île-du-Prince-Édouard est fière de produire certains des auteurs-compositeurs-interprètes les plus talentueux et les plus respectés du pays. Cet automne, nous sommes ravis d’accueillir sur notre scène une sélection d’entre eux triés sur le volet – et nous vous invitons à vous joindre à eux !

Accompagnez-nous pour cette série de concerts intimes qui réimagine la relation entre l’artiste et le public ; vous serez assis sur la célèbre scène du Théâtre Harbourfront de Summerside, entourant l’artiste.

Ne manquez pas cette occasion rare et unique de faire partie d’une communauté spéciale le temps d’un après-midi, où vous verrez et entendrez de près certains des auteurs-compositeurs-interprètes les plus acclamés de l’île, tout en découvrant le Théâtre Harbourfront d’une manière inhabituelle et palpitante.

Chaque concert de la série est organisé et animé par Meaghan Blanchard, auteure-compositrice-interprète primée de l’île, à laquelle se joindront deux autres auteurs-compositeurs-interprètes.

Le nombre de places est strictement limité pour chaque concert, ne tardez pas à acheter vos billets !

About the artists

Meaghan Blanchard is a talented and award-winning songwriter, storyteller and performer hailing from rural Prince Edward Island, Canada. With her unique ability to craft songs that are both personal and relatable, her love of storytelling shines through in her lyrics, drawing listeners deep into her world. Blanchard has been recognized with numerous nominations and awards throughout her two-decade long music career. She is a multiple ECMA award winning artist and most recently, took home the 2019 Music PEI Award for Album of the Year for her latest full length recording: THE GREAT ESCAPE. She has been a featured performer at festivals and venues across Canada and the United Kingdom, captivating audiences with her musicianship, stories and heartfelt songs.

Lawrence Maxwell cut his teeth on beer caps, rough waters, and country music. His latest album, Ballad of Miles has been nominated for seven Music PEI Awards and has received airplay on: Sirius XM’s ‘Top of the Country,’ Country Hits Radio UK and CBC ‘Q’. With its neo-traditional production, and comparisons to both John Prine and Merle Haggard, Roots Music Canada has dubbed the record “the first great Canadian alt-country album of 2022.” His music video for « Back to Cape Breton » was a finalist in the Canadian Independent Music Video Awards and his song « Better You » was selected in the Top 100 for CBC/Toyota Searchlight in 2022. As an ECMA award nominee and two-time Music P.E.I. award winner, this Prince Edward Island singer-songwriter will tell it to you like it’s folk, and sing it to you like it’s country.

Dennis Ellsworth is a songwriter, performer, sideman, and record producer from Charlottetown, PE. His songwriting career started in high school, filling notebooks with lyrics and poems. He grew up on the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Ray Charles, Kris Kristofferson, Roy Orbison, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard. His tastes evolved in grade 6 and he began collecting cassettes. His personal music collection is stylistically expansive. Some might call his love for music an addiction, but whatever.Over the years he has collaborated with Josh Finlayson and Andy Maize from Skydiggers, Gord Downie from The Tragically Hip, Joel Plaskett, Donovan Woods, Rose Cousins, John Smith, and David Barbe (producer of Drive-by Truckers and bass player for 90’s alt rock band Sugar.) In 2015 Dennis signed a publishing deal with Cymba Music Publishing in Toronto and has since written songs in a wide variety of styles His music has appeared in television shows for CBC, Netflix, HBO and was featured in the award-winning film, The New Romantic. Ellsworth has released 2 full length albums with his previous group, Haunted Hearts, an album as a duo with Kinley Dowling, two EP’s and 10 full length solo albums, and an upcoming album called Modern Hope, coming in September 2023.


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